Meet the WEI Teachers

It is important for us that people know more about our academic staff, so here is some information given from each one of our teachers that might interest you.



My name is Byron Armijos, I have been teaching English for 15 years in Ecuador and outside it. I have been teaching in universities, high education institutes, high levels schools with teenagers, young, adults which is the best experience and where I have learnt to be teacher. I have focused my work particularly on 2 methods, the first one is the communicative method in which the use of appropriate, positive learning strategies, communicative principles and learning strategies, in combination, have powerful implications for the language classroom and production of real English. Secondly, the affective methodology takes seriously the emotions and bodily affections such as love, appreciation, kindness, good treatment and such responses help the process of knowledge production but above all to a better development in the class.Being a teacher is difficult but rewarding when you see how a student produces what they have learned.


My name is Danny Santin and I’m the kind of person who likes to learn a bit of everything everyday with my students. The goal that I have set for myself as a teacher is primarily to make students love to learn a new language. I am a 15-year experienced teacher. I have been teaching little kids, teens and adults. I hold two international certifications and a master degree in English pedagogy. Applying innovative teaching strategies, my lessons are characterized for being fun so their learning of my students is always meaningful.


Hey! This is Andrés Torres. I’m a passionate English teacher who really loves this marvelous language. My passion for this language started when I was very young. I hold a bachelor ‘s degree in teaching English issued by Universidad Nacional de Loja. I have worked for some public and private institutions of the city of Loja and I am currently working for WEI English Institute teaching kids, teens, and adults.

When it comes to teaching, I like to involve my students in real situations and surround them with the language as much as possible, providing them with functional words and everyday expressions. In addition, In my lessons I use fun activities that will get the students  motivated in talking in English. 


My name is Helen Castillo and I studied English pedagogy in UTPL’s university. Into the learning process, I use different innovative methodologies and strategies such as CLT, TPR, PPP and a mixt of other approaches and methods to cover the different needs of the learners; as result, they have a significant acquisition of the language.

During my academic training, I have received different certificates from conferences and courses belonging to the Cambridge University that have helped me to perfectionate my teaching techniques.

During my professional career, I have worked as a private tutor since 2019. Also, I have worked as a substitute teacher in different educational institutions in Loja city. Finally, I worked as a teacher at the LoGuMá Music Academy since 2020 helping everyone to acquire and perfectionate their English language skills.


My name is Juan Carlos Herrera Pauta.  I am a certified English teacher. I’ve been teaching English since 2009. I’ve been part of this prestigious institution for about 12 years. I have also worked in other important institutions in Loja. I have received different courses and seminars related to methodology and tools for teaching English which have been applied successfully in my classes. Moreover, I’ve got the B2 certification. All this great knowledge has helped me to improve my teaching skills. I’ve got plenty of experience teaching teenagers and adults from different levels and I hope to continue getting meaningful learning which will make me be better at the different language skills.


Hello, my name is Kevin León. I am an experienced teacher with counseling skills. I have a strong willingness to make my students improve their communication abilities and effective use of the language. I like to help students communicate complex information in a simple and entertaining ways. Students enjoy my classes because of the the positive energy generated by them using the language.


My name is Luis Delgado. I had been an English teacher for 4 years with different groups, from children to adults. In my classes, I like to use different methods such as dynamics and games to motivate students to keep learning while they enjoy the process. I really love teaching and sharing moments with my students, creating a safe and supportive place to communicate freely. The best gratification that I can get from being a teacher is when my students show their progress in every class.


My name is René Iñiguez, I´ve been part of WEI English Institute for a long time, and the time that I am part of this family, I have learned many lessons, not only academic but also unity, solidarity, mutual support, and growth, mainly from my students with whom I am happy to share every day in the classroom.

I prefer to use the Communicative approach because I consider it is the best way to reach others, an especially the active participation in class that let us polish learning, make it playful, and enhance it with the aim of bringing our students to a competitive English level according  to the modern needs in a globalized environment.


My name is Anita Muñoz, and I have been teaching English for nearly seven years. I have worked in a private high school for about two years and around seven years in the WEI English institute. I have experience teaching English to many different age groups, from early childhood to adult learners. I really like teaching English through different methods, especially the ones that include games and contests that students can enjoy while they are learning the language. I always try to keep a supportive learning environment to make students feel more comfortable during classes.


I am Elvis Anye one of your tutors at WEI. 

I have been working for way for over 8 years now and I must say I’m proud to have been part of this family of people who are willing to learn and grow to become one of the best, if not the best language centre in our beautiful province of Loja. 

During my time at WEI so far, I’ve applied different teaching techniques to meet the learning styles of our students. But the most outstanding technique is the Communicative Language Teaching (CLT) technique which emphasizes that learners communicate more effectively and correctly through realistic situations that they may find themselves in. In other words, in real life situations where their knowledge of the English can be put to the test. 

As an ESL/EFL instructor, I believe and approve of WEI teaching methodologies as they helped me grow both professionally and personally. 

The constant training with the Cambridge learning platform and in-class teaching are vital tools that have enhanced my teaching skills. 

The preparatory programme to take any of the international exams especially the Pearson, TOEFL and Cambridge exams have served also served as effective tools to improve the teaching process. 

To conclude, I count myself lucky and grateful to have be part of this great institution that has rendered the utmost quality service to its learners over the course of the last decade.


Hi, My name is Mr. Jinson and I am a passionate teacher that enjoys teaching English, I am a certified and experienced tutor for all levels. I have a degree in teaching as well as TESOL-TEFL CERTIFICATION, I have vast experience and knowledge. Are you studying English for a test like KET, PET, FCE or CAE?  Then, you are in the right place, I´m a Cambridge examiner and I can help you reach your aims through a communicative and gamified approach. 

Do not hesitate and come learn English with me!


Hi, my name is Maritza. ´A creative teacher committed to helping others improve their knowledge and skills, specializing in teaching English as a foreign language to adults and children in both public and private educational settings; in particular, those who wish to further their professional career.‘

I devise interesting and innovative lessons to motivate and encourage students’ development. My approach to teaching involves TPR, a direct method alongside a communicative approach. My lessons are always fun and relaxed.  


My name is Ximena Alexandra Morales Malo, I am 23 years old. I obtained the C1 Certificate in the WEI in 2019. I am currently studying a degree in National and Foreign Languages at UTPL. I am part of the teaching staff of levels A1, A2, B1, B2 at the WEI.   I have been trained in: «DIGITAL TOOLS FOR VIRTUAL EDUCATION» conferred by the University of the Hemispheres through the Department of Continuing Education and Graduate Studies in 2020, I participated in the FIRST NATIONAL SCIENTIFIC CONGRESS OF LANGUAGE TEACHING «TEACHING ENGLISH AS A FOREIGN AND SECOND LANGUAGE: RESEARCH, EXPERIENCES AND PERSPECTIVES DURING AND POST PANDEMIC» in 2021. The methodology I use in my teaching work is: Cooperative Learning, Gamification and Design Thinking based on a Socio-constructivist pedagogical model.  My future projects are to finish my degree and continue specializing in master’s degrees related to Pedagogy in Language Teaching and Psycho-pedagogy.

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